Monday, August 29, 2011

Brillante choice

The Saint-Louis Cristallerie is one of the most prestigious crystal glass manufacturers in the world. Back in 1586, a glassworks was established in Alsace-Lorraine. In 1767, King Louis XV gave permission for it to become the “Royal Glassworks" and “Saint-Louis” was added to its name. In 1781, the glassworks became the first in continental Europe to produce lead crystal. Saint-Louis then received the official title “Cristallerie”.
Since 1995, Cristallerie Saint-Louis has been part of the famous French Hermès Group.
with a fascinating collection of styles and glass creations, very finely and intricately decorated.
Brillante choice today is a set of  mouth blown, hand-cut crystal glass to be used as drinking glasses, as flower vases or as candle holders.

"Les Endiablés" Bubbles in mauve and purple.

"Les Endiablés" Stella in two shades of green.

"Les Endiablés" Cerdagne in a deep green.

"Les Endiablés" Chambord in a vibrant blue.

"Les Endiablés" Tommy, in a rich ruby red.

Versatile beauties!
My favorite: Tommy…which one is your favorite? Can you think about any other use of these?

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