Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Let’s dream about Sorrento

A splendid Sorrento villa for sale by Sotheby's International.

Sotheby's villa
A beautiful seafront villa near Naples, in the South of Italy, built in Neoclassical style over the remains of an important Ancient Roman villa dating back to the 1st century,  still visible and part of the grounds.
The beautiful gardens with more than 1000 species, from palm trees to orange trees,  have secret paths through a lush vegetation, adorned with Greek - Roman statues, urns, fountains and of course breathtaking views. 

Stairwell and hall in Sorrento villa
The grand entrance hall is full of precious Roman marble columns and statues.

Master bedroom Sorrento villa 
Opulent Master bedroom

Bedroom in Sorrento villa
The villa features 9 bedrooms all with en-suite bathrooms.

View from Sorrento villa
The property has a swimming pool, but among the villas’ unique features there is its private sea access and a sea-platform so you could swim directly to an amazing grotto with crystal blue water.

Living rooms in Sorrento villa
Spacious and filled with light living rooms, all opening to terraces and the magnificent views.

Bathroom and Hall in Sorrento villa
Lots of precious marble everywhere.

Sorrento luxury villa
My favorite image: priceless weathered patina in the garden telling us about beauty and the passing of time.

Photography courtesy of Sotheby’s Realty

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