Friday, September 9, 2011

Brionvega Radio!

Radio “Cube” ts522

The myth continues…

Radio “Cube” ts 522, designed in 1964 by  Richard Sapper and Marco Zanuso, for Brionvega, now wears fuchsia in 500 limited edition models, a symbol of the fusion of the high Italian design and the best technology: a mix that, thanks to the new fuchsia color, confirm it as a timeless, always fresh myth.

Brionvega radio 

Brionvega  is an Italian electronics company, established in Milan in 1945 and now located in Pordenone, Friuli Venezia-Giulia region. The company has focused on design since the beginning demonstrating how products with good design can become cult objects to the point of being displayed in various famous museums.

brionvega cubo

In 2010 Brionvega has also launched TS 525, a new complete sound system: Internet Radio, FM, DAB / DAB +, docking station for iPhone and iPod connection, remote control, USB, clock and a bright LCD display ( I confess I don’t know all of these functions, yet!).

Brionvega TS 525 

Brionvega Cubo 

 “Ownership of a Brionvega is for those with a particular aesthetic taste and perhaps a critical attitude towards rapid replacement of product following mass consumerism dictates.”

Style, technology, power and simplicity.

And the first person to answer correctly on my previous post question (click HERE to see all the comments, some are funny!)  “Can you guess what it is?” is my loyal reader A Critic’s Eye who unfortunately does not have a blog.

Photography and part of the text are from Brionvega website

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