Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Going to the flea

My latest purchase at Flea market: a complete  carving set, with Bakelite handles, in its original box, getting ready for Canadian Thanksgiving.

I always loved Flea markets, garage sales, yard sales and it is fun for me to walk around and discover interesting pieces at a reasonable price.
When I travel I always go visit the local Flea markets and of course the food markets, I find it a way of knowing more about the culture of the country.
I have found in the past many treasures where people simply saw “old and worn” and the hunt itself is exciting; even if you don’t find anything you like (and I doubt it…) it is a nice way of spending a few hours during the week-end, meeting people, talking to vendors, learning about old or antique pieces, their marks, their value.

Flea market
This delicate teacup is marked “US Germany” and comes from Bavaria, from the mark we can date it late 1940’s after the Second World War, when Germany was divided.
The decoration inside the cup add not just more beauty but also more value to it.

Flea market
I am in love with this unusual deep purple color and Asian decoration, the shape of
cup and saucer is also interesting.

varie 035
An iridescent Japanese teacup with a French style medallion.

varie 027
Viking plated teapot, made in Canada in 1950’s.

varie 028
A similar piece, to hold hot water for tea or perhaps coffee for two.

All the above were bought by me for a store in Vancouver I am involved with as an Interior decorator and soon I will post about it, when the Grand Opening will happen in a few weeks, so if you live in the area you could go there and enjoy a cup of tea in the purple cup or another I bought, while you are browsing the store!

Flea market
This ornate glass can hold an exquisite jam, a small bunch of flowers or
a sparkling tea candle.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of a Flea market find:

- A naive painting, an old coffee table, a teapot like the one above are unique pieces, not one of thousands.
- A slight imperfection in a piece adds a sense of history, making it often more interesting than the new production.
- Adding just one piece of furniture with a worn finish in a traditional room creates a more interesting, lively scheme.
- Reasonable prices at Flea markets allow anyone to start a collection and build up confidence and knowledge.
- We are encouraged to experiment, rethinking the use of an item: an old door can become a headboard, a gate can become a sculpture against a plain wall.
-  Flea markets are a contribution to the environment, less trees cut down, less energy and chemicals used.
- The hunt itself is fun and brings creativity into your life!

As I said Flea markets are one passion of mine and even my very first post on this Blog (HERE) was about a treasure I found.

Do you  have any special story you like to share with us?
What is your most rewarding flea market find?
I love to hear from you!

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