Monday, September 5, 2011

The joy of Summer

Cocktail al Cetriolo
With the help of a juicer mix 1/2 cup tomato juice, 1/4 cup cucumber juice, 1/4 cup carrot juice, Italian parsley.
Serve in a glass like "Diamante" by Driade.

La Menta
Previously infused mint can be served in a glass like "Cilindro" by Ichendorf Milano with ice or with milk, garnished with mint leaves.

Caffè Frappé
2 teaspoons of instant coffee, 1 teaspoon of sugar, ice cubes. In the Shaker "Chiringuito" designed by Ron Arad for Alessi add 15 ml. water, better if at room temperature, coffee and sugar. Shake until water becomes foamy. Pour in a 250 ml glass.
Add ice cubes for a "frappé Nero" or milk for a "frappé Bianco".

Shake al Cocco
1/2 liter milk, 125 ml. coconut milk, 1 coconut.
Grate 1/2 coconut and mix with the two milks. Shake for 1/2 minute and serve with ice cubes in this silverplated tumbler designed by Bellini for Armanicasa.

500 grams plain yogurt, 250 ml. water, 2 teaspoons sugar, cardamom powder.
Mix well yogurt, water and sugar to obtain a liquid drink, add cardamom and serve with ice cubes (mango juice can be added and a dollop of thick cream) or put in the fridge in a jug like "La Tina" by Guzzini until ready to serve.

Acqua allo Zenzero
Thin slices of ginger and water.
Boil the water and pour it over ginger, infuse for 30 minutes in a Thermos like "Impulse" by Ikea.

This post appeared two years ago but since the weather is still pleasant and warm I am publishing it again…besides it is the long week-end so it is nice to be able to save time today!
Stay cool with style and Happy Labor Day!

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