Thursday, September 29, 2011

Warming up for Autumn

Veronique Vanden Avenne

While waiting for Vancouver Interior Design Show 2011, IDSWest, to start with a big party tonight, I like to remember my visit in Spring at I Saloni 2011, in Milan where I met Veronique…. a talented, smart, gracious and beautiful lady who, together with her husband, runs Casalis, a Belgian based hand produced design carpets company, famous for their high end contemporary style.
At I Saloni they presented a new collection of pouffes called Slumber, designed by Aleksandra Gaca, made of Kid Mohair, covering a  highly flexible shape, so it contours your body and springs back when you get up. I find these pieces perfect for the Autumn at our doors.

Milano 2011 316 

Milano 2011 317 

Milano 2011 318

Milano 2011 321 

They presented also their new collection Bonnet outdoor and Bonnet indoor designed by Liset Vander Scheer. A great idea of a knitted, removable and very simple to clean cover for pouffes.

Milano 2011 320

Milano 2011 326 

Milano 2011 327 

Bonnet and Slumber are also coordinated with beautiful throws and can be chosen in complementary colors or contrasting ones.

Milano 2011 325 

Milano 2011 324 

A great palette of colors to choose from, from neutral to vibrant and they complement the Casalis carpet collection perfectly!

Milano 2011 328
Veronique Vanden Avenne

I found this collection extremely appealing, versatile and oh! so comfortable.

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