Sunday, October 2, 2011

A design event in Vancouver: IDSWest 2011

A few days ago the 2011 Interior Design Show West (IDSWest) started and it has been a
whirlwind of events since then.
Let’s start with a pre-Tour of the show at the Convention Center in Vancouver, last Thursday, where I was able to visit the show before the doors were open for the public.  Gracious Nancy Bendsten from Inform Interiors led me to their Tom Dixon Bar, a great space to relax and socialize during the intense 4 days event.

Tom Dixon Bar IDSWest 2011 

cocktails at Tom Dixon bar IDSWest 2011

RaviDesign IDSWest 2011
Anna Sano from Ravi Design, with the most amazing window treatment and more.

RaviDesign IDSWest 2011 

Audi VIP lounge
A pause at the Audi VIP lounge was already needed.

Audi VIP lounge IDSWest 2011 

Audi VIP lounge IDSWest 2011
Gorgeous furniture in the lounge were provided by Molo and by Bensen.

Provide at IDSWest 2011
Robert Quinnell of the contemporary accessories store Provide discussing the last touches at the booth;  and note the still “scrubbing the floor guy” in the background.

Provide at IDSWest 2011
New items at Provide, between them the colorful Missoni accessories.

Catherine Regehr amazing, unusual textiles at Provide.

Martha Sturdy
Vancouver icon Martha Sturdy, graciously posing for me after a brief chat.

Tom Dixon Pub
Back to Tom Dixon Bar where I met many Bloggers-Designers who, like me, are part of the vibrant group…

 Blend, brilliantly put together by Victoria at EdinsHouse, Nancy at Marcus Design,
Barbara at Hodge Podge and a few other talented girls.

This post is just a preview of IDSWest, more to come about the following days, when I will merge for air again!

Photography © by Albarosa Simonetti

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