Thursday, March 22, 2012

Favorite textiles and gorgeous furniture

I have loved Rubelli textiles, founded in Venice in 1858,  as long as I can remember, my mother used them in our family’s houses and I have used them for my houses and often for clients. When in Venice one of the treats for me is to go to their showroom at Palazzo Corner Spinelli on the Grand Canal (you can see images on my previous blog “Rubelli in Venice” HERE) and of course there is a beautiful showroom also in Milan where I go often (images on my previous post “Rubelli in Milan” HERE).
In 2005  Rubelli bought Donghia, with its lines of furniture, textiles and lighting, founded by Angelo Donghia in the 60’s.

Rubelli-Donghia Venice 2010
Rubelli-Donghia Venice showroom

Angelo Donghia
From Donghia website: “ A fine aesthetic sensibility, discerning eye for quality and concern for comfort in the complete lifestyles that he created made Angelo Donghia one of America’s most influential interior designers. His style, characterized by simplicity of line, purity of materials, boldness of form and sensual textures and shapes, was sought after by many”.

In the 70’s “Angelo Donghia became so renowned throughout the country for his look that the Detroit News called him “the Saint Laurent of sofas” while Angelo Donghia himself noted, “The liberation we’ve achieved through clothing has happened to furniture.” He received many awards and he was also, posthumously, inducted into the Interior Design Hall of Fame.

Rubelli - Donghia Milan
Rubelli-Donghia Milan Showroom

A few images from I Saloni, Milan 2011, reflecting Donghia’s style.

Donghia Milano I Saloni 

Donghia Milano I Saloni 

Donghia Milano
Donghia furniture and lighting plus Rubelli textiles…
a winning combination of refined luxury.

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