Friday, June 22, 2012

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pinterest boards we love {backyard beauties} by Laura L. Benn

“Sometimes a summer ‘staycation’ is the perfect way to rest, relax and rejuvenate. So what better place to soak up some sizzling sun and glorious fresh air than in your own backyard retreat?
Break out the summer wine and cocktails, your favourite fresh fashions, a few good books and escape to your own personal outdoor oasis.
This week Style at Home wants to embrace the backyard boards — those pins and pretty things that celebrate making your outdoor living space the best it can possibly be. Here’s what we found!”

pinterest backyards pinterest boards we love {backyard beauties}
Keep reading to learn more about these beautiful boards…

{1} Dani Hingst
The great outdoors are meant to be explored — a sentiment that is beautifully and poetically expressed throughout this adventurous board. Inexpensive greenhouse options, glorious paint colours, fantastic decor accessories, stunning patio stones and more can be found on this delightful board that celebrates taking design chances.

{2} Lisa D’Elia
Romantic outdoor showers, creative kids areas, funky floral arrangements and innovative design abound on this simple backyard board. Click through and discover a whole new world of design possibilities for creating an outdoor living space that will perfectly suit your summer entertaining dreams.

{3} Nina van Brakel
This incredible board from the Netherlands immediately captures your imagination and transports you to a place of soothing design wonder. Drawing inspiration from glorious outdoor spaces all over the world, this board beautifully suggests creative ways to make the most of your own backyard. Unexpected splashes of vibrant colour, interesting architectural features, as well as dreamy furniture arrangements will inspire you to transform your own outdoor entertaining space this season.

{4}  Brilliante Interiors
This breathtaking board makes you feel like you’ve stumbled upon a secret garden with large plant features, stunning patio decor and refreshing colour palettes. From large regal houses to more rustic backyard settings, this lovely collection of green-inspired pins showcases a wide spectrum of possibilities for turning your outdoor living space into a tranquil area.

Thank you Style at Home!
Have a great week-end everyone and I hope you enjoy my boards on Pinterest...

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