Sunday, July 28, 2013

A Tribute to Gabriella Crespi

I have written about the amazing designer Gabriella Crespi in the past ( click HERE…) and a few months ago in Milano there was a special event dedicated to her:

“A Tribute to Gabriella Crespi”.
The event, held at the magnificent historic Palazzo Crespi,  was organized by Sergio Rossi and Casa Vogue magazine to celebrate the new cooperation between the luxury brand Sergio Rossi and the sculptor-designer Gabriella Crespi, now in her 90’s but still active.
The atmosphere of Palazzo Crespi, built at the end of 1800 and where part of the family still lives, is sophisticated and opulent, with stunning collections and at the same time very lived in: Renaissance paintings, Louis XV pieces, neoclassic art, precious antiques, ceramics… but also books, accessories, daily life objects that create some coziness even in such a grand décor.
Daughter Elisabetta Crespi and Christophe Mélard, President of Sergio Rossi.
A special edition of shoes, inspired by Crespi’s furniture and many of her iconic pieces were presented in an intriguing way.
The Yang Yin table and the new shoe inspired by it.
Filigree art piece and shoes.

Coffee tables and desk from the 70’s and 80’s, iconic pieces of modern design, timeless elegance of forms, reflected by interplay of mirrors and gilded surfaces. An evening to remember.
Images from Casa Vogue and Marie Claire
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