Monday, June 23, 2014

Bed behavior and a Give-away


It is time again for a great give-away, courtesy of Manito Silk Bedding.


All bedding are hand crafted from 100% Mulberry long strand silk with immaculate stitching and a charmeuse weave finish. Dress your bed in Manito silk and you'll discover luxury, elegance and sensuality like nothing else.


Manito's silk bedding is also the ultimate choice for comfort and health. Naturally breathable, 100% silk stays cool in the summer and keeps you warm in the winter for comfortable sleeping year-round.


If you ask how Manito differentiates from the legion of other silk products on the market:

1. They use a traditional charmeuse weave on a narrower, slower loom. This requires a seam on the sheets but the depth and feel of the charmeuse is incomparable - vastly superior to "seamless" sheets done on faster, wider looms

2.  Stitching and attention to detail is meticulous

3. They use only 100% long strand mulberry silk at a market leading 22 momme weight

4. Even the filling behind quilting is silk, not polyester !

And now… are you ready for a great Give-away?

6-22-14 4-07-30 PM

Sweet dreams in the air (or wherever you lay your head) with this luxurious combination of silk-filled travel pillow and matching sleep mask.
It's super soft, gentle on your skin and hair, and will help you arrive in style. At just 12" by 14" it fits easily in your carry-on, purse, or briefcase. The removable cover is machine washable so its easy to care for and they have a firm fit to block light but not so firm that it puts pressure on your skin.
Pillows are available in Silver Blue and Charcoal, Plum and Soft Pink, Champagne and Chocolate.

Bon voyage!

To be entered in the draw all you have to do is:
-  be a resident of Canada or continental USA
-  visit Manito website HERE then come back to this blog and leave a comment (at the bottom of this post) saying what particular item you liked most; for Brillante Interiors fans, Twitter and Facebook  followers, or email subscribers, click HERE to leave a comment
- entry deadline is Midnight PST on Sunday, July 13th, 2014
- Winner will be announced on Friday, July 18th, 2014
If you don’t already have a link don’t forget to leave a contact in case you are the winner.

Thanks Manito for the giveaway and for being a Brillante Interiors Blog  valued sponsor.

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