Thursday, June 26, 2014

The beautiful homes of Portofino



Portofino is one of my (many) favorite places in Italy, and I found a book “Case di Portofino” (text is also in English) with wonderful photographs by Adriano Bacchella, truly a selection of the most attractive homes of the small town, once a fishing village famous now for its picturesque harbor where the rich and famous live or visit.


At the entrance to Portofino this house, built in the style of early ‘900 has the typical Ligurian decoration, used in the past by some aristocratic families of the region,  horizontal stripes in yellow and grey.



Another early ‘900 villa, with a magic view over the small gulf which can be enjoyed from a lush garden.



A late ‘800 villa on the sea with a magnificent scenography created in the garden for the new owners.



Let’s enter some houses: white dominates this living room, from pure linen used on the sofas to soft draperies framing the view. Contemporary art and antique furniture create interest and the floor inside and on the large terraces is marble with inserts of ardesia, a natural stone extracted locally.



A different approach in this house with rustic beams, vivid blue and vibrant orange, warm and comfortable.



More blue, electric blue for another house, on the fireplace art by Mino Gatti.



An elegant  dining room with large French doors opening to the panorama.



Isn't charming? A penthouse terrace with a typical black and white tile floor, perfect for a romantic dinner.



Large gathering can be possible in this relaxing garden with several distinct “rooms” as the living area under the wisteria, the dining in the background, the large grass area where to tan.



Finally a magic image of an exterior at sundown with an old bougainvillea creating drama in the lush green.

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