Friday, July 18, 2014

And the winner is…




A few weeks ago I had a Give-away post, courtesy of Manito Silk with a beautiful set of travel pillow and mask worth more than Canadian $150.00 being the gift .



Here is what Manito says about the mask:

(…) Perfect for travel or sleep at home, a silk mask is a great wonderful sleep accessory that will help you wake up feeling more refreshed. Get luxury in a small package with our beautiful yet functional silk eye masks.
The smooth and soft texture of our 22 momme mulberry silk mask feels cool and refreshing as you settle in for a good night’s sleep. Whether you’re catching a nap on a long flight, or simply looking for a way to sleep more soundly at home, Manito’s mulberry silk, inside and out, makes is simply the best for your rest and relaxation (…)

And for the pillow:

(…) Manito's silky smooth, plush travel pillow is a convenient and comfy way for you to catch up on some much-needed rest when you’re on the go. It’s a first class travel accessory. Our ultimate travel pillow is filled with 100% long strand mulberry silk floss and is encased in a cover of our famous 22 momme, traditional charmeuse weave fabric. This travel pillow is super soft, comfortable, gentle on your skin and hair, and will help you arrive in style. The cover feels cool against your skin as you sleep, allowing for a more restful, smoother sleep (…)

And now the best part: I can finally announce that

Karen Albert from The Arts by Karena won the set.

If you don’t know Karen yet (how could you not?) please read her Blog, which is not just entertaining but also a great source of knowledge.

Her latest post is featuring a great designer: Raji Radhakrishnan and you’ll be intrigued by her talent too.

6-22-14 4-07-30 PM

Congratulations Karen, just send me a note with your address and which one of these three combinations of color you prefer:

-  Silver Blue and Charcoal,


-  Plum and Soft Pink,


-  Champagne and Chocolate?

Hope you’ll enjoy the luxurious silky feeling!


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