Thursday, September 11, 2014

Exquisite wallpaper … and more



T‘Askew’ design in full custom design colours on a bleached white dyed silk. De Gournay ‘Chinese Chippendale George III’ mirror in the Chambord finish.


‘Early Views of Italy’ design in Azure design colours on Azure scenic paper. Four Seasons Hotel in Geneva. Photography by Nial Clutton.


Liz Bauer

‘Oriental Landscape’ design in part custom design colours on Emerald Green dyed silk. Photography by Jonny Valiant.

Today I had the pleasure of seeing the most beautiful wallpaper and textile samples… if you are familiar with the name de Gournay  you know what I mean, otherwise run to their website and enjoy the exquisite hand painted wallpapers, hand painted fabrics , hand painted porcelain and hand carved furnishings.


Rachel de Gournay from the de Gournay family and Gwendolyn Rayner, director of the New York Showroom were in Vancouver to do a presentation. What a treat to see …and touch…the real thing which I admired many times on paper or online.

Silk, Tea paper, Linen, Organza, all the best materials are used to customize wallpaper or textiles to adorn the most exclusive residences or public spaces.

Many collections to choose from and all can be customized to your desire.



Japanese style






Chinoiserie style



Eclectic style


I was so mesmerized that I could not resist to take pictures even from the glossy catalogues on the table:






Expensive? Perhaps!

Priceless? Absolutely!

Top three images from de Gournay website, other images by Albarosa Simonetti

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