Monday, November 24, 2014

Contemporary Rug Art by Jan Kath



A new showroom in Vancouver opened a few days ago in the Design District with a great party and a display of unique rugs and pillows.

They were all designed by Jan Kath, a third generation of a family of carpet dealers. When he was a young boy he used to visit manufacturers in Iran and Nepal with his father. Many trips later on his own and long periods spent in Asia and the Middle East the connection with the “world of carpet” was reestablished.




Now Kath is bringing back classical elements of Oriental and Middle East carpets with a twist of contemporary, minimalist design.


The huge showrooms was filled with diverse styles of rugs, some were homage to traditional Oriental rugs from the collection Erased Heritage others were vibrant florals from the collection From Russia With Love then monochromatics from Le Maroc Blanc and charming simplicity of the ones from The Lost Weave.


Perhaps the great Vancouver muralist Stefano Piccone (on the right with a friend) will  be inspired even further by all the patterns seen on these walls?




Jenny Thomas, of Jan Kath company, chatting with guests.


I loved the rustic drawers with natural wood on the front, when open they display many colorful samples.


The beautifully radiant, six months pregnant Shannon Heth of Heth PR was modeling for me against a fantastic textured silky rug.


We all went home with a treasure of books about Jan Kath’s rugs, even if we all wished to squeeze instead a rug in the gift bag…





Jan Kath, a true master of carpet design with a defined style and uncompromised ethics.

Photography by Albarosa Simonetti

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