Sunday, April 24, 2016

A small garden? Enlarge it in 8 steps...

1)  A few well known tricks worth remembering will work not only in small apartments but also in outdoor spaces.  Warm colors tend to make things, furniture, walls closer...while cold colors tend to visually enlarge the space and make things, furniture, walls in a small gardenremember to use plants and flowers in cold and lighter colors specially along the perimeter and the perception will be of a langer, longer space.

2) You can create optical illusions in a long and narrow garden just positioning pots, small bushes, garden furniture on each of the longer sides alternating them every few meters so the eye can travel in a non linear way.
3) If possible hide the end of the garden creating different areas, even a small garden can be part terrace, part vegetable garden, part flower bed and of course always put small plants in the foreground, taller ones in the background with many interesting layers.

4) I love the use of mirrors in any garden, they can look like windows, or even doors opening to other enchanting secret gardens.  A mirror well positioned reflects light (but it should never be put directly toward the sun…) and the garden will expand. Try to use  mirrors with an antique patina effect to avoid poor birds flying into it…

Dans un petit jardin, on privilégie les mobiliers peu imposants. Mobilier vendu chez botanic.
5) A Trompe-l'oeil is a great way of expanding "the horizon" and so are pergolas and trellis, climbing plants and flowers which brings the eyes up and create verticality.

6) In a small garden we need to preserve the space to walk around, so a few well chosen pieces of furniture, easily moved and stacked when necessary, will do the trick.  As for small rooms again the same rules: use outdoor furniture with thin legs and in light colors, to see everything above, under, maybe even through.

 7) And never underestimate the power of appropriate lighting.

8) Lastly remember that leaving a "negative space" is always a good way of giving more attention to the main attractive features.

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